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3 months until 20 months

We have our smallest baby in this lovely light and cosy space. In this room we spend time following your home routine with your child where possible, including sleeps and milk times.

Your child’s keyworker will create a bond with you and you child to ensure that both of you feel happy at nursery. We use Famly to share your child’s care diary each day and to also share what we have been enjoying during the nursery day.

Each child can explore our toys at their own pace and enjoy lots of stories, singing, sensory play and cuddles.

We have a small garden they can explore and the babies love to spot the ducks and swans in the steam that runs by.


20 months until 3 years old

This area is well equipped to meet the needs of all the children in the age range. We can take 12 children in this age range and they are provided with continuous play and development opportunities.

Our staff interact with the children and build close relationships which enable the children to feel comfortable and enjoy their time with us. We especially love getting messy whenever we can!

The staff provide lots of love, comfort and cuddles for the babies whilst teaching them about boundaries and rules. We encourage all our children to be polite and respect one another and they learn this from a young age.

The children all have a topic over each term that they enjoy learning about and we try and make this as child centred as possible- taking ideas from their own interests.


3 years old until school

This area is for our pre school children. Our aim is to develop positive values, independence and self-confidence.

We believe children should be encouraged to develop at their own pace and therefore provide many opportunities for them to discover, question, experience, find out, explore, imagine, experiment etc,

Activities are well planned and evaluated; children are regularly observed so their next stage of development can be planned for and encouraged.

We still promote close relationships in the room but especially focus on developing individual personalities and independence. Where possible, we encourage child initiated play during the day where each child can explore the environment at their own level and benefit from the support of our staff and their friends.

You will be provided with a termly plan based around the EYFS curriculum that your child will engage with.

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